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Thoughts for the Day:

"The Only Thing Better About Today, Is Tomorrow" 
"Today is Now's Tomorrow"
"When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Ask for Advice"
"If You Think You Can or Think You Cant You're Right"
Small Service Business Websites

Robert Meeker Jr

My personal website cause websites are what I do.

Welcome, Come in and Take a Load Off

Hey, thanks for checking out my website. Although it can be uncomfortable talking about ourselves, seems like these are the days of unlimited information, it's critical to at least control what's out there.

Besides, websites are my profession, and I should set an example, right? As professionals doing whatever it is we do, seems like we rarely have time for ourselves, we dedicate so much time and attention to our clients.

Odds are you found me in a Google search; Google is indeed an essential tool for finding information and services, that's why I position client websites to target their products or services. Service businesses need that critical tool to help grow their customer base and sales. That's why as a web designer and manager, we also provide search positioning to help grow businesses.

Yes We're in a Gig Economy

Website Designer
Web Designer
Uber Car
Uber Driver
Body Shop Estimating
Body Shop Estimating Tools
Vision Group Investments
Vision Group Investments
S2000 with Millinial Kit
Car Customizer
S2000 with Millinial Kit

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