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“Deep thinker, when my brain is working, passionate when my heart is working, happy when they work together”

Robert Meeker Jr

My personal website cause websites are what I do.

More About Me

Born in New York, raised in North Carolina, born Yankee, raised red neck gives me a unique mix, the ambition of the Yankee with the laid back southern attitude of the Redneck, so I'm a goal setter who is flexible about deadlines.  You could call me an “Idealist,” although, launching new ventures is fun, and challenging, the more important thing is “focus.”

To achieve, we must maintain a trajectory to accomplish what it was we set out to accomplish. Before moving on to another project, we must finish the first.  Vertical alignment is essential; God, Family, Country, Business and the goals we set should reflect these values.  Goals are relative and subject to interpretation, they must have a deadline with built-in flexibility.

“Never change the trajectory, adjust for wind only.”   - Me

Yes We're in a Gig Economy

Website Designer
Web Designer
Uber Car
Uber Driver
Body Shop Estimating
Body Shop Estimating Tools
Vision Group Investments
Vision Group Investments
S2000 with Millinial Kit
Car Customizer
S2000 with Millinial Kit

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