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Car Customizer

Good news is you found him, bad news is, I've put car customizing on the back burner for now.  I have been known to still do a car or two, but only for special cases.

Robert Meeker Jr

My personal website cause websites are what I do.

Car Customizer

Anytime you do something for 30 years; you have people who know your history and look for you when they need something. If you are a previous car client of mine, you found me :) Customizing cars was my first love, although I’m still a car guy with aspirations in the Industry, the shop is no longer open.

What I've learned with web design is, it can be just as satisfying, makes us feel good when we help small business grow their sales using the Internet.

Car Builder

Grew up with cars and the car scene since the age of 16, did mechanic work and paint and body for over 30 years. Last 15 or so years I was dabbling in web design and management until I transitioned from cars to computers. I also developed an estimating software tool for body shops, collision repair shops, restoration shops, and custom shops. It helps write estimates, manage repairs and keep track of parts. It’s a great alternative to expensive software. Smaller body shops don't need big software.

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Car Customizer
S2000 with Millinial Kit

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