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Stand Up Comedy as a Hobby

When my work schedules allow, I can be found at open mics.

Robert Meeker Jr

My personal website cause websites are what I do.

Robert the Uber Guy Doing Stand Up

Hobbies keep us sane, escapes from realty.  Having the ability to make someone laugh is a gift, would be a shame not to share it.  So when my work schedule allows, I can be found at open mics.  Making people laugh is fun for me, it warms my heart to hear the laughter.  Hobbies keep us sane, they should challenge us and if it benefits others, even better.

Yes We're in a Gig Economy

Website Designer
Web Designer
Uber Car
Uber Driver
Body Shop Estimating
Body Shop Estimating Tools
Vision Group Investments
Vision Group Investments
S2000 with Millinial Kit
Car Customizer
S2000 with Millinial Kit

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